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Orinoco de la Hamburg Amerika Linie

Orinoco de la Hamburg Amerika Linie (Hapag, cheminée jaune sous bandes noire, blanche et rouge). (coll. agence Adhémar)
Lancé en 1928, Orinoco, paquebot de 9660 tonnes, commence assez mal sa vie puisqu'il est heurté la même année par le Nomadic, acquis récemment par la Société cherbourgeoise de transbordement. Il assure en compagnie du Magdalena le service de la ligne d'Europe du Nord à Trinidad/côte ferme/Colon. En janvier 1939, il endommage légèrement le bateau de croisière néerlandais Tromp, ancré à Lisbonne. En 1941, il est saisi par les Mexicains et renommé Puebla.
Built as a cargo-passenger liner under yard No 668 by Bremer Vulkan, Vegesack, Germany for the Hamburg Amerika Line. Intended name Rio Orinoco but before launching altered.
07 February 1928 launched under the name
Tonnage, 9.660 gross, 5.478 net, 13.900 dwt., dim. 144.78 x 18.57 x 10.39m., length bpp 139.75m.
Powered by two 8-cyl. Schichau-Sulzer diesels, 6.800 bhp., twin screws, speed 15 knots.
Passenger accommodation for 167 first, 101 second and 99 third class, crew 187.
15 April 1928 delivered to owners.

21 April 1928 sailed for her maiden voyage from Hamburg to the West Indies.
Till 1939 in the service from Hamburg to South and Middle America.
When World War II broke out interned in Tampico, Mexico and laid up.
01 April 1941 seized by the Mexico Government at Vera Cruz, renamed
She was too large to be used by the Mexico Government in one of their lines, and bareboat chartered, in November 1942 by the USA Government (Maritime Commission) as a USA Army troop transport
June 1946 handed back to the Mexico Government. After reconditioned by Todd’s Brooklyn yard she could carry 626 passengers
1947 Sold to the Southern Steamships Pty Ltd., (Olympia Line) South Africa and renamed
She was chartered for the duration of the war for $20.000 a month, and that she was used in the company services from the USA along the coast to South America and that she would make calls at Mexico. She was during this charter put under the Panama flag and registry.Olympia.
30 January 1947 she sailed from New York under South African flag for Naples and Piraeus.
Upon arrival at Piraeus most probably renamed
Puebla, sailed Piraeus 19 February 1947 under that name, arrived on 13 March 1947 in New York. (Why the name was changed, most probably defaulting on payments)
April 1947 sold to Cia Transoceanica Argentina, (Transoceanica Line) Buenos Aires and renamed
Juan de Garay. Accommodation for 850 in one class and was used in the service between Rio Plata and ports in Italy and Spain. Used in the service of the Spanish Ybarra Line.
1952 Under Panama registry, not renamed.
31 March 1961 laid up at Barcelona, Spain.
20 November 1962 arrived at Castellon, Spain for breaking up.